3 Reasons You Should NOT Hire Me

  1. YOU DON’T KNOW your competition is getting progressively tougher.
  2. YOU DON’T KNOW day by day, it gets harder and harder for your message to cut through the noise and the clutter.
  3. YOU DON’T KNOW customer attention spans are shortening, while the number of media channels distracting your customers’ attention from your message is increasing.


6 Reasons You SHOULD Hire Me

  1. YOU KNOW you need all the marketing help you can get. (Audio content is a powerful marketing tool.)
  2. YOU KNOW the spoken voice is one tool that has been proven to be most effective in being heard in the marketplace. (Just as you do, I strongly believe that, if your business intends to rise above its competitors, you have to use the most effective marketing tools available. Delivering effective spoken marketing content is my passion. I am “the voice that will be heard.”) Listen to my demos here.
  3. YOU KNOW before you can convert prospects, you need to attract and engage them. (Using my analytical and vocal skills, I interpret and transform your script from written word to vibrant audio marketing content. I become your voice. By infusing your message with powerful, emotional appeal, I bring it to life in the hearts and minds of those with whom you wish to engage.) Listen to my demos here.
  4. YOU KNOW your message must be authentic and believable. (As a voice actor, I create believable real-world and fantasy characters involved in interesting relationships. This process allows me to tailor the delivery of meaningful, custom-fit product messages, framing them to resonate with the demographics and psychographics of your chosen market segments.) Listen to my demos here.
  5. YOU KNOW your marketing goals and objectives. (As a businessman, I help empower you to achieve your specific strategic marketing goals. Regardless of your business size, location, or market segmentation, I support you with the highest quality spoken audio content marketing possible, at an appropriate market price.) See my pricing here.
  6. YOU KNOW the importance of marketing differentiation. (I bring a “secret sauce” to my voice acting: an understanding of business that other voice actors cannot bring to theirs. I am not an empty suit or talking head. My post-graduate level academic degree (MBA) coupled with the maturity gained by my experiences in a wide range of business activities, support my greater understanding of business dynamics. They allow me, when I become your voice, to be speaking your language and from the same page you are.) Listen to my demos here.


Here’s your CALL TO ACTION

Yes! Now you know why you should hire me. But, you’re thinking, “I need a little more; what should I do?” For a free consultation and custom demo, DO THIS: email me the script you want voiced (along with some contextual information.) I’ll send you back an audio file containing a pre-production excerpt of my voice treatment along with a firm quote. Then, if you wish, we can take the next step in getting the job done. See the contextual information I need here.